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02/03/2012: Safehouse [2012]

Safe House showed up a couple months ago with an action packed trailer that featured a CIA thriller story in the vein of the Bourne trilogy. After convincing my friends that Act of Valour was a waste of good theater money, we decided to check out Safe House. I will say the big screen does it justice primarily with the surround sound, particularly the gunshots and explosions.

 So because I saw it in theater you won't be getting any screenshots, but oh well. What I will tell you is that at the moment it is still one of the better movies to see in theater, it's still playing at mine. As with most of these spy type action, crime, mystery movies, Safe House mixes a nice amount of car chasing, gun fighting, hand to hand action with the usual inside man/rogue agent conspiracy. No I haven't ruined anything, it is all clearly hinted at in the trailer. The twists however are quite good and unexpected, but this may be because some of the story development was sacrificed for more action sequences.

I'm not saying the plot is thin or bad, just a little covered up by all the rest. As for the cast, Safe House packs quite the number of big names and familiar faces. Denzel Washington is great as usual, playing mind games with Ryan Reynolds. One of the most interesting parts was where Denzel goes from a bearded old, I wanna say Hep-Cat, but I'm not sure if that's really the image, to a shaved man who looks like he hasn't aged in about 15 years. It is also interesting to note that, during the waterboarding scene he was actually waterboarded, albeit only for a few seconds at a time. Brendan Gleeson also shows up in what appears to be the same roll I always see him play. The higher up CIA boss.

 The setting of the movie is rather nice, filmed in Cape Town, South Africa it mixed the rich city with the local shack cities. To summarize though, Safe House while by no means mediocre or unenjoyable, brings nothing original to the table. The theater experience is well suited to this action blockbuster but I won't demand you see it there.

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