Monday, 31 December 2012

The List of Things I Liked in 2012 Part 1

So after a longer than planned hiatus I have returned to blogging for the new year and will start by wrapping up the last year of movies. I remember having some difficulty making up my list for 2011, and whether I just didn't see much or there wasn't much to see I can say I enjoyed 2012 a tremendous amount more. While I didn't get to see everything I would have liked to, I saw a lot and was very pleased with what both Hollywood and the rest of the world turned out. So here is my list of my favourite 5 blockbusters, favourite 5 indie movies and my favourite T.V. shows from this year.

While I was trying to come up with my list of the best movies this year, I quickly found myself with quite a list, as well debating heavily between certain lower budget and smaller release movies and the giant blockbusters of the year. Because I couldn't decide, I broke them into two lists, highlighting my favourite 5 of each. The requirements for each list are a little vague, but I'll live with it.

Mr. Darko's Favourite 5 Blockbusters of 2012

1. The Cabin in the Woods 

This was without a doubt my personal favourite of the year a rather surprise hit that breathed some fresh air into the horror genre and was a hell of a lot of fun for both horror fans and movie fans alike. Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon created what is sure to be a horror classic with the elevator scene already becoming rather infamous among fans. There were those that hated it, but while I can usually see there side of things I can't find any reason not to love The Cabin in the Woods.

2. Skyfall

I have been a Bond fan for pretty much all my life, always happy to put on any of 007's outings if I came across them on T.V. and can safely say I've seen every one of the 23 (and 2 unofficial) Bond movies at least twice with some much higher than that. However, not everyone has, and after the crash and burn that was Quantum of Solace I had some fears as to whether Craig's new Bond could ever recover. Skyfall however proved to be a huge success, satisfying new Bond fans and telling the old ones that the franchise was moving on, while still paying tribute to the 50 years of history. Skyfall was a great movie and a great Bond movie and I can't wait for more.

3. Django Unchained
I'll admit to being a rather big fan of Tarantino and Django was the movie I was waiting all year for, and had no doubts it would be awesome. Because I had no doubts, I ended up sitting there in the theater wondering if it actually was as awesome as I had imagined or if I just wanted it to be. After a few days of thought and some rather bold claims ("favourite movie ever") from some friends, it is safe to say Tarantino has done it again with a bloody entertaining spaghetti western full of style and humour. I can't wait to see it again.

4. The Dark Knight Rises

This movie was actually pretty controversial, with quite a few hating it and feeling it was a letdown. However, sometimes it is all about the experience, and spending those 9 hours in a theater watching the Dark Knight trilogy and experiencing them all together opening night is probably something I will never forget. I still haven't gotten around to watching it again to see how it holds up on it's own, but I feel it won't have any problems handling itself. With both The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, this year marks the climax to which the entire last decade of superhero movies was leading to, now to see where it goes from here.

5. Moonrise Kingdom

I still can't decide whether or not Wes Anderson has moved out of the other category. Sure he still makes his films independently, but I doubt he is struggling for funding, or cast members as shown by the stellar cast he lined up for Moonrise Kingdom. If you don't think he's made it to blockbuster status yet, put Looper here instead. While Wes Anderson still isn't for everybody his fanbase has grown and Moonrise Kingdom introduced him to a larger audience this year. This movie was filled with his style and was a beautiful love story amongst all of the other summer blockbusters.

Honourable Mentions:
Looper and The Avengers are the two that pop into my head, and if the list had been longer they would have been next in line. 

Movies I didn't get to see that might have taken a spot on the list:
The Hobbit
Seven Psychopaths

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