Monday, 31 December 2012

The List of Things I Liked in 2012 Part 3

Mr. Darko's Favourite 5 6 T.V. Shows of 2012

As usual I watched a lot of T.V. this year including a couple entire shows that I had missed over the years. However this is the list of the best 6 T.V. shows currently airing that I excitedly waited to watch each week and I can't wait for the next season.

 Sorry, no pictures.

1. Dexter
 This year aired the 7th season of Dexter, which is a show I only started watching in January when I first got Netflix. I hungrily ate through the first 6 in a couple months to get to the biggest cliffhanger and a massive turning point in the show. I waited through the summer, anxious to see if this season would be as good as it was primed to be and it was all that and more, with season 7 being my new favourite as well as being the best thing on T.V. every episode was as good as the last and this season should have prepped the show to go out on a high, as long as they end it with 8 that is.

2. American Horror Story : Asylum
Last year American Horror Story proved itself to be the most exciting new thing I had seen on television in a while and when the first season wrapped the show it left a big question of what next? Well, AHS returned for it's second season with an entirely new story, keeping many of the outstanding cast but giving us a new story set in a mental institution in the 1960's. As this season has unfolded things have gotten pretty wild and the show has really embraced it's horror elements without restraint but I've loved every minute of it and can't wait for it to wrap up in a few weeks.

3. Holliston
With new series like American Horror Story and The Walking Dead successfully bring horror to the T.V., I was very excited to see Adam Green and Joe Lynch try and create a sitcom for horror fans.Well, after waiting quite a while to finally see the first season I was happy beyond imagining and now just rewatch episodes on a regular basis. The show works well as a sitcom, matching the style and format of standard sitcoms while melding it in with enough horror references and jokes to make it any horror fan's wet dream while still entertaining those who are just fans of sitcoms. With a Christmas special released a week ago I can't wait for season 2.

[Seems like the qualification for this list is how much I anticipate the next season. Then again that is the only way to measure a T.V. shows success I'd say.]

4. Shameless
It's been a long time since this show wrapped it's what? Second season? way back in the spring and honestly I can't remember much about it. I do know however that when it was on it was the one show I was excited to watch every week and I still keep checking to see the air dates for the next season. I can't (but had to) wait for more of this dysfunctional family and as long as you aren't to easily offended I'm sure you'll love this drama.

 5. The Walking Dead
The debate over whether or not The Walking Dead would recover from it's rather slow and sometimes outright hated second season was on the thoughts of many of the show's fans as The Walking Dead returned for it's third season. While I didn't hate the second I was ready for a lot more and that's what season 3 has given us so far showing us a lot of new material from the comics as well as a lot more zombies. It also showed us again that they aren't scared to kill of the characters you'd least expect and that no one is safe in this apocalypse. While the show is still bogged down by a lot of behind the scenes problems hopefully the third season will finish strong and things will be smoothed out for another couple seasons afterword.

6. Game of Thrones
I was undecided on whether The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones should make the list so I extended it to 6. Game of Thrones is a T.V. show fantasy fans could only have dreamed of years ago and with HBO and the books author behind it Game of Thrones was easily the most talked about show this year. So much so that I was introduced to the first season this summer and quickly finished it in a couple of days only to spend the next few trying to get my hands on the second. While I wish that more time could be spent covering all the great material in the books, the show is moving at a good pace and season 3 I'm sure will be the most talked about thing this spring.

And that that. Now for 2013. I resolve to blog more.

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