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29/01/2012: Confidence [2003]

It's a Confidence Game.

So as of this point I have watched no movie on Netflix that I set out to. After 30 minutes of deliberation every time I choose something I never even heard of instead of what I thought I was going to watch. Confidence just showed up under some genre description, and enjoying a good con, I watched it. (I do love how specific Netflix gets, Ex. Critically-acclaimed Cerebral Foreign Movies just a little specific eh?) Anyway...

Confidence, is a movie about a con, and of course a professional team of con-artists. Within the first five minutes the movie has already shown one such caper in action and quickly introduces the films base set of characters. As typical of most such movies the gang of criminals soon gets an offer they can't refuse to pull of a dangerous job no one else can.

Confidence does not differ from your standard movie. The plot is simple, the twists are pretty easy to guess if you've seen enough of such movies. However it is always enjoyable to see what kind of plan they concoct, although in that department, Confidence is pretty mundane, sticking to the plausible bank fraud. It gets a little crazy at the end however as, as usual threads begin to unravel and everybody's greed kicks in.

I think that Confidence is Hollywood and America's version of such British films as Lock Stock, Snatch and maybe also the Ocean's 11,12,13 trilogy. Wow, there isn't a lot of big names in the con-movie genre. Either way Confidence does combine a rather impressive cast and puts forward quite the visuals. Particularly the King's club, which has some nice colours to it.

There is nothing wrong with Confidence, it's just lacking in the fun that other such movies tend to have and that is were the disappointment comes in.  However if your a fan of the genre, which seems quite small this movie should satisfy you.

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