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28/01/2012: Surveillance [2008]

"You probably read the end of a book first, don't you? "
"Yeah. "
"That is no way to live."

Surveillance is a film by Jennifer Lynch the daughter of David Lynch. This being so, her father has set the bar extremely high, having given us Mulholland Dr., Eraserhead, Twin Peaks and Lost Highway. However the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, and Jennifer Lynch proves it with Surveillance.

It is not hard to see the similarities and inspirations of her father in Surveillance, however, unlike the oddities and insanities David Lynch provided Surveillance is much more traditionally structured film.
It possess Lynchian qualities in it's characters, dialogue and twistedness, which all in all make up most of the movie. The movie centers on a pair of FBI agents who come to a small middle of nowhere police station to investigate a pair of murderers terrorizing the coutryside. The agent set up their camera's and together with the local police interview the three witnesses from the latest crime scene.

Of course all of them have differing stories as they cover up for themselves and their actions. However the movie plays out the accident as it goes showing you what really happened and giving you the pieces to put the puzzle together. Unfortunately I figured out the puzzle pretty early on, but this didn't subtract at all from my enjoyment of the movie. It is truly the characters, and their actions and interactions that make this movie great. The witnesses make up only part of the cast, with the local cops, FBI agents and the murderers all presenting just as much and just as interesting characters.

I think that the dynamic of the murderers is my favourite and I rather enjoy the ending of the movie. The setting of Saskatchewan's prairies (where you can watch your dog run away for days) is a stark contrast to the brutality of the movie and the cramped interview rooms. The cast is an interesting mix of a few comedians, giving a great dark comedy but also some stellar and serious performances. I don't want to ruin much, but if your looking for a great violent and bloody murder mystery, or are a fan of David Lynch I recommend checking this out.

Trying to think of some kinda rating system/symbol. More original than just star. Any ideas leave a comment.

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