Tuesday, 3 January 2012

03/01/2012: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol [2011]

Blue means Glue.

Mission Impossible has now become a series to rival 007. While it will never surpass the original Bond films, Ghost Protocol is better than the latest two Daniel Craig films I am disappointed to say. I'm disappointed as a Bond lover, but am thrilled by the amazingness that was the fourth installment in Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible franchise.

This movies budget is extravagant, about $145, 000, 000 which still doesn't  explain why Ving Rhames got payed $7.7 million for a 4 minute cameo. But the budget allows this movie to splurge, with locations in Russia, Dubai, and the U.S..  Also able to rake in a great cast, which is an interesting mix. Tom Cruise still stars, but throw in Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner (who is in there to take over the franchise after Cruise), and even Michael Nyqvist who I just saw in the Swedish Girl W/ Dragon Tattoo trilogy.

MI is of course a spy movie,  with its own set of unique spy gadgets, insane stunts, and evil conspiracies. Tom Cruise does his own stunts, which is surprising, but just goes to show being a movie star hasn't gone to his head. MI:4 is definitely an action movie, with thrilling shootouts and fist fights mixed with intricate plans and some high tech technology.

The gadgets are cutting edge, and while not as fun as most of Bonds weapons are very interesting to see in use. I keep comparing this to 007, but I must state that I'm talking the movies of the last decade, which have taken on a new form compared to the old classics.

I could keep going on about Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, but the bottom line is that this is a movie worth going to the theaters for. You really can't be disappointed.

Red means Dead.


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