Saturday, 14 January 2012

14/01/2012: An American Werewolf In Paris [1997]

An American Werewolf In London, is a great 80's classic horror movie, and one of the rare werewolf movie gems. Almost two decades later this sequel was released, and well here's what I thought.

First, it really isn't a sequel, I didn't even know that Serafine was supposed to be the daughter of the original American werewolf. Perhaps it is hinted somewhere, but she shares no family name, nor references the previous movie. All in all this movie almost feels like a remake mashed with Eurotrip or some such comedy.

The werewolf curse and how it works stay true to the London mythos (i.e. the undead victims remain), but increases the world with the usual cure and an underground werewolf cult with a conspiracy. So, the simplicity of the London is clearly gone here. Ontop of those horror elements derived from the first movie, the black comedy of the first one has been turned to up and into a slightly different type. These American tourists and some of the comedy feel like they are taken out of Eurotrip, and is built on stereotypes. Mix this with some of the black humor of the first and the film is quite funny.

The cast is alright but leans more toward the Eurotrip side of cinema. The disappointment of the movie is definitely the werewolves themselves. AWIL has always been known for its amazing transformation scene and effects, while sadly, AWIP falls to the age of CGI and disappoints in this category.

However, while we did not get such a classic as An American Werewolf in London, with this sequel it is a decent movie, with a good mix of comedy and horror to make it entertaining even today.


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