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21/01/2012: Vampires [2010]

This is not John Carpenter's Vampires, this is a completely different kind of movie directed by Vincent Lannoo. This movie is a faux-documentary about a family of vampires, living in Belgium. A Belgian movie, the actors all speak french although subtitles are available.

What sets Vampires apart from other faux-documentary style movies is that it takes itself completely seriously. The cast makes no jokes as they play out their roles and it feels like you are watching an unscripted reality T.V. show. When it comes to the vampire aspect, Vampires creates it's own mythology, based on the standard but includes large aspects of a "vampire society" including laws, food sources, cooking, sex, and above all family matters. As a documentary, the family interacts with the film crew explaining things as they go about their daily lives.

The characters are good fun, including the family composing of the stoic Father, the batty mother, a partying trouble-making son and a daughter who wants to be human and die. The movie follows the events of the family, living quite well of in a Belgium community. As well there are their neighbors, a pair of vampires living in the cellar with problems of their own, as well as family friends, the local community leader, and of course The Meat.

The movie is filled with dry-humor and satire and if you don't like it from the beginning you won't like it as it continues. The movie is a very-slow burn, and don't expect any murderous bloodbath of a climax. While the movie doesn't shy away from a little blood or murder it doesn't revel in their brutality, eating someone is just the norm.

My favourite part is of course the families journey to Quebec, even featuring a glimpse of a La Belle Province (best hotdogs in the world). The Quebecois even clearly speak their type of french in contrast to the Belgians with the vampires complaining about it. As well the vampire society there is clearly a Canadian one, they have a democracy, don't eat people at random, murder anyone, and work everyday jobs. The Quebec vamps are just part of Canada's cultural mosiac.

Overall like I said this movie is really like it or hate it. It's all about the dialogue, the humour and the documentary, don't expect stunning action sequences or visuals.

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