Wednesday, 4 January 2012

04/01/2012: The Collector [2009]

Watched The Collector this morning, good horror movie but disappointing ending. Ever since Carrie used the hole shock twist ending that was unpredictable then, is now the norm now. While the ending was depressing, I was however glad to hear that, as usual, there is a sequel, which is almost finished being made.

The Collector was written by the guy who wrote Saw 4,5, and 6, and clearly his love of traps has carried on. The traps are one of the highlights of the movie, although the ability to put them up that fast would suggest a team of men, not one psychopath. There's not much to say about this movie though, it's unique concept is the idea of a thief who robs a house where another serial killer has already started his games. The movie focuses on the thief's survival of the events and what choices he makes.

I found that the actual, slightly hinted at collecting gimic was almost unnecessary, however it is meant to pan out more in the sequel I hope. Altogether this movie is the start of a new psychopathic killer in the horror genre, and does not shy away from the brutality and violence, whilst not going beyond what it needs.


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