Monday, 23 January 2012

22/01/2015: The Score [2001]

I always like a good heist movie and when it stars Robert De Niro and one of my favourite Edward Norton you know it should be good. There is not a lot to The Score in terms of plot however. As usual a couple of high end criminal plot an intricate theft that will make them millions and you wait for one to turn on the other.

The heist however is quite elaborate, and is done at the right pace and with the right amount of tension and flaws to make it exciting. The safe cracking method is the one in fact which inspired the 59th episode of Mythbuster, who after various test determined that the method was plausible. The movie also contains a lot of the steps before the actual attempt, including acquiring the materials required and creating the plan.

Overall the actual heist and planing are the highlights of the movie with the plot twists being predictable and a little disappointing. The cast however holds up, with De Niro playing his usual style role it would seem. Edward Norton also plays a vaguely similar role as in Primal Fear, not in terms of character but in versatility and quality.

The setting of the movie is well done, with some of it occurring in the actual customs house. The movie is a lot less high tech than modern heist movies but is quite advanced for its time. If you are looking for a good solid heist movie The Score will satisfy but don't expect to much else on top of that. I am looking towards seeing Robert De Niro and Edward Norton team up with Mila Jovocich in another crime movie released in 2010 called Stone.

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