Friday, 20 January 2012

19/01/2012: Hellraiser: Bloodline [1996]

Bloodline is the fourth installment in the Hellraiser series create by Clive Barker. As with most horror movie icons, the quality of the series tends to take a bit of a stumble around the fourth one. A Nightmare on Elm Street for example, while Friday the 13th stumbled on the 5th. Bloodline, simply upon reading it's premise you would expect this to be the series downfall.

No horror villain has successfully created a space spin-off, most notable is Jason X, one of the few black sheep in the Friday the 13th franchise. Don't get me wrong space horror are great (Event horizon, Pandorum) however Bloodline was lined up to be quite the bad movie.

However Hellraiser 4 was smart enough to realize the flaws of space, and instead spent 2/3rds of the movie in the past. The movie has about three different time-streams and follows the Merchant bloodline.What little there is of the space plot, is limited and well done. The ~modern segment is pretty much a standard Hellraiser movie, but with a bit of a twist ending to it.

The third part, the part set somewhere around the late 1700's early 1800's I think, is my favourite segment. It mixes in a Hellraiser story set in the Victorian era, whilst explaining a little more of the Hellraiser mythology. Although I think it creates a few holes in the timeline, the story and history of the lament cube is expectedly bloody and hell raising. (See the pun there?)

The fourth movie, like the third gives Pinhead a new army of Cenobites, who are interesting and unique in the Clive Barker way. Angelique is introduced as a princess of hell and plays more of a roll than Pinhead but present and interesting character who's background isn't ever explained. (as most of the cenobites aren't) The cast is forgettable however as are the multitude of character. The movie contains the standard amount of blood and gore as the previous one, but less is shown on screen directly than the first two.

Hellraiser: Bloodline is a solid installment in the franchise and was the last to have a theatrical release. I've heard its all downhill from here, but for a franchise to have the first 4 entries be solid movies Hellraiser is commendable.


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