Saturday, 14 January 2012

13/01/2012: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo [2011]

So I finally got out to see TGWTDT in theater last night, surprisingly it's still playing for the 3rd? week in a row now. Now first off, I went in there having seen the Swedish trilogy, so I already new what the basic plot was.

The biggest difference in the movies is the feel to them. The original, is extremely story driven, with the actual visuals of a good quality, but nothing spectacular. I found the original had the bonus of being in it's intended language, with actors who I didn't know as 007, who I only knew as the characters, and who did a great job.
The remake is clearly a high budget American production, The visual level is a step up, with the camera angles, cuts/edits/shifts, and overall visuals clearly of a higher quality then the original. However it has the problem of a well know cast, I find, if I know the actors well, I can sometimes only see them as that. I spent the whole movie comparing, and trying not to see Bond.

The opening sequence of the movie is quite a CGI marvel, but the symbolism in it can only be recognized by those who new what they were watching. I think that was one of the problems with the remake, although having seen the original trilogy I didn't experience this. I thought however that the story was less explained in the remake, especially the clues, which are the heart of the mystery. The Swedish one does a great job of showing you the clues and letting you piece them together along with Mikael. The remake I found did a little of the work for you or otherwise didn't always show enough, in a couple glimpses of the clue to allow you to piece it together.

I'm not sure if anyone is aware of the movies raw brutality when they go to see it, not having read the book or seen the original. The remake, didn't tone anything down from the original, still keeping the grueling rape scenes and violent imagery. I know that almost everyone around me physically jumped when Mikael almost gets shot (I knew it was coming) which was good. Also the entire audience laughed when Lisbeth appears on screen with her Fuck you you fucking fuck shirt. They also laughed when Lisbeth asked Mikael permission to kill the killer, which I wasn't sure was really what was intended there.

The biggest controversy (might be a bit strong of a word) over the remake was whether Rooney Mara would do as good a job as Noomi Rapace. While Mara does a great job, and some say does a better job, I still prefer Noomi Rapace's version of Lisbeth to Mara's.

Overall, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is a very high quality movie that matched the original but both have their merits, the real test will be when the entire trilogy is remade and we can compare again. Currently I like the Swedish version the best, it is better in storytelling and mystery, while the remake has the advantage of a Hollywood budget, and distinguishes itself that way. If you like the originals I recommend you watch this and if you've only seen the remake I highly recommend the original to help with the at least two year wait for the next two remakes.

Since when could they have bare breasts on movie posters?


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