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28/01/2012: Layer Cake [2004]

Layer Cake is a British crime thriller coming from some of the minds behind Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. Those two movies being some of the best crime movies ever, Layer Cake had a high set bar to live up to. However, based on a novel of the same name Layer Cake is a slightly different kind of beast.

Lock Stock and Snatch were undoubtedly very comedic in the criminals escapades as they navigated the criminal underworld. Layer Cake however takes a much more serious approach, although still featuring the comedic criminal types, just not as the main characters. Gone are the subtitles that introduce each character and keep who's who straight. So while just like the criminal underworld Layer Cake introduces is to a "Layer Cake" full of criminals and gangs and bosses, and it becomes a little confusing to keep the characters straight.

However with Daniel Craig at the wheel, Layer Cake still gives us a good set of characters and a well woven, if slightly hard to keep track of storyline, with the British crime world written all over it. There are a couple of subplots that don't quite make sense. This is usual for a book to movie adaptation however. I speak mainly of the whole Tammy subplot, who while providing some sexy eye candy doesn't really seem to fit, and you only discover her purpose in the ending which is a little disappointing but abnormal for the movie. I can't even remember the other subplot, I just remember wondering why it was there.

Layer Cakes setting, acting, and story all hold up strong. While not living up to the comedic side that make Lock Stock and Snatch so great, it does capture the elements of the British criminal underworld that those two did. It is comparable as well to Rock N' Rolla in some ways. Overall if you enjoyed any of those three movies, or are looking for a more serious version of those you will enjoy Layer Cake. Just expect to have to follow closely and you may not understand it all the first time. As one who can never remember names I got a little lost, but it does help when the main character doesn't have a name and is listed as xxxx.

Apparently the title was originally spelled with numbers.

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