Sunday, 1 January 2012

01/01/2012: The Debt [2011]

I've started out this year with a number of phenomenal films over the last couple days. Tonight I finally got to watch The Debt which had enticed me since the first trailer. However the trailer gave me a slightly wrong impression, as I went in thinking that the 1997 plot would be the focus and not the actual mission from 1965. I was pleasantly surprised however to find that a large amount of the movie details the actual mission to capture the "Surgeon of Birkenau".

First off I'm a big fan of World War/Cold War spy stories especially those pertaining to Nazi war criminals. (Robert Ludlum novels)  I should say I had no idea as towards the actual plot before I started, so to find out that it first included all aforementioned aspects as well as the fact that it was not some U.S. spy agency gained it a lot of points. it's nice to see the Mossad as the protagonists. The intelligence agency of Israel the Mossad have strong reasons for their mission. While the film is not directly based on a true story, it is inspired by another film Ha-Hov.

My favourite part of this film was the flashback to the events of the actual mission, but like a good thriller those events only amplify what is occurring in the present. The ending is probably divisive and your opinion of it could go either way, it is not however a bad ending.

As such The Debt is another great movie which should peak the interest of anyone who enjoys a historical (fictional) thrillers, or just anyone who enjoys a good movie.

Not sure if I like the international title, The Rachel Singer Affair, I don't feel she was really the sole protagonist but whatever.


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