Saturday, 7 January 2012

07/01/2012: Crazy On the Outside [2010]

After three years in prison things get a little crazy on the outside for Tim Allen when he gets paroled. See how I used the title there to describe the movie, eh? Ironically one of the most obvious flaws of this movie is that Zelda (yah his last name is honestly Zelda) is in fact on parole, but he sees a probation officer, and the movie says he's on probation. So other than the movies backwards understanding of the justice system it's alright.

Crazy On the Outside is not a groundbreaking step forward in the history of cinema. But if you understand that it can be a fun time. The cast is well put together, Tim Allen is the right comedian for this setting and Sigourney Weaver plays his crazy sister very well. The rest of the cast is recognizable as well, providing their bits of humor.

The problem with this movie is it contains a lot of sub-plots, all types of different threads, which somehow the movie manages to weave together in a sensible way. It does however feel a little rushed. All the threads however are quite funny, although the removal of some may perhaps improve the flow. You've got the whole start a painting business, get back together with Christy, don't become a criminal, explain to your grandmother, and fall in love. There even a few smaller plots thrown in underneath.

All in all, these plots are all quite entertaining and none is really weaker than the other, it's just the jumble of all them that feels a bit squashed. However, as a comedy Crazy On the Outside is well done and worth watching just don't expect to much from it.


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