Thursday, 5 January 2012

05/01/2012: Atom Age Vampire (Seddok, l'erede di Satana) 1960

When man discovered they could split the atom, the atom age was born. Scientists quickly harnessed it deadly potential in the atom bomb. Prof. Alberto Levin however saw the atom as a tool which could be used to heal the disfigured. However, while he is eventually successful he has i the process turned himself into a monster, an atom age vampire.

This is where I question the title. I believe the movie is a Dr. Frankenstein and Mr. Hyde type story, complete with a drunken, green thumb of an Egor. There is really no vampires in the movie, Prof. Levin is more of a Dr. Frankenstein, who turns himself into a monster while searching for love. The monster becomes his Mr. Hyde, first transforming via a potion and then overtaking him. The plotline does infact play out strongly along these classic lines, perhaps taking the Dr. Van Helsing from Dracula.

The movie is originally Italian, although the english version is fine, although apparently is not accurately translated. This movie is nothing truly original, but the black and white still hold up. It's interesting to see that, without the ability to just CGI in a bunch of things to look at how much dialogue there is. The acting is not bad, and the special effects are well done for its time. A good movie if you like the classic italian horror genre, or just want a laugh.


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