Wednesday, 11 January 2012

05/01/2012: Infestation [2009]

If I turn don't kill me!

Infestation is really the Shaun of the Dead of giant bug movies. It has all of the required elements:
  1. Giant Bugs
  2. Slacker, going nowhere main character with parent issues
  3. That one crazy lady who you just want to die
  4. No real explanation as to why the hell there is giant bugs
  5. The one girl who survives who the main character will incessantly hit on
  6. The extremely muscular hulk of a man who is as friendly as a teddy bear
  7. The gang of raiders who are already murdering people after 3 hours
  8. The group of aggressive idiots who are just fodder for early on
  9. The ending where the main characters problems are all solved
  10. The world is saved.
So yah, Infestation covers all of those bases, and while it's budget is only so big, the special effects give us nostalgia for those old giant bug movies, and match the horror comedies style. While none of the actors are as big as Shawn of the Dead's, they aren't horrible. The storyline is slightly cheesy, and of course has the accompanying Swiss holes, it is still satisfying in the comedy and horror genres.

The poster portrays the movie well, although a tennis racket is never used, Brooke Nevin will never wear that, and it includes a horrible global warming pun. Overall this movie is good fun for fans of the horror/comedy or either genre, if not making anyone's favourites lists too fast.

Also there is definitely something with the ending, some people claims there is an extra clip or something, it wasn't in my version, but there was a hint towards something like a sequel.


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