Monday, 23 January 2012

22/01/2012: Wizard of Gore [2007]

So the titles a little confusing. I mean is it missing a The? IMDB calls it The Wizard of Gore but the posters clearly state it sans The. Oh well, on with the meaning behind the title. Wizard of Gore (god that reads awkward) is about a newspaper journalist who witnesses a stage magicians performance and well let's just say it We're not in Kansas anymore off-Broadway. The magician, Montag the Magnificent, is pretty far off his rocker and his show is quite the same. Starting with a couple disgusting acts, Montag proceeds to pick random women from the audience, who in some kinda trance strip down and make no sound while Montag butchers and murders them in rather disturbing ways.

However Montag is an illusionist and when the audience begins running in fear he reveals his trick and the women are fine. Soon after however, these women are not fine and show up dead as killed on stage. Edmund the reporter/journalist/magazine whatever, begins to investigate these deaths and soon things spiral out of control as you question what is real and who is sane.

I won't detail the plot further, but if your a fan of strange unexplainable mysteries you should be pleased, just don't expect to many clues to totally explain everything. Wizard of Gore is in fact a remake of a 1970's movie of the same name. However the Magicians performance is about where things stop. Edmund and the mystery are original and the movie is apparently an improvement story wise over the original if  the deaths are a little less elaborate.

The movie however doesn't shy away from the gore and nudity of the horror genre, and creates quite the atmosphere. Edmund lives in a strange early 18th century style of suits and room furnishing, living in a world of an underground culture, along with it's usual dark and neon colours, drugs, prostitutes, tattoos and piercing that come with the territory. This is a good look and helps set the tone for the films, which also feature strange camera angles, troubled dream flashes and of course a magicians showmanship.

While a remake this movie falls more in the shadow of The Illusionist and The Prestige. I personally loved those two movies, and was recommended Wizard of Gore when I asked if anyone new of any similar movies.

While it doesn't truly measure up in that department it does fit as their equivalent in the horror genre. So if your looking for something similar to The Prestige check this out if you like horror. Also if you haven't seen those two, watch them! And if you can recommend me anything similar to any of these three movie tell me in the comments below, I would love to find something like them.

So according to this poster it is The Wizard of Gore, all to confusing when you're not sure of the title.

Wizard of Gore IMDB
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  1. I've only seen the original which is disturbingly low-budget and only a little bit of fun. I'm surprised I haven't seen this because it does have my favorite actor in it.

    1. If I remember correctly the performances are at least memorable, at least Glover's.