Tuesday, 3 January 2012

02/01/2012: The Apocalypse Watch [1997]

The Apocalypse Watch is based on a Robert Ludlum novel of the same, which is why I picked up this DVD.  Made for T.V. this movie runs 2 hours and 54 minutes, something movies just don't seem to do anymore. The movie is low budget but it's held together by the strong writing of Robert Ludlum's novel.

The movie is a spy thriller with a very intricate neo-nazi conspiracy for what other than Global Domination. It is not a cheesy as it sounds, and with Ludlum's novels as a basis, the conspiracy is massive but not unbelievable. My disappointment however with this movie is that it cuts out a lot of the novel, specifically the ending which was one hell of a reveal.

My enjoyment of this movie was probably due to the greatness of the novel that inspired it. When it comes to the spy genre James Bond will always be at the top, with this movie stuck in the shadows. Ludlums novels do get a proper movie treatment with the Bourne series. I really can't suggest this movie to Ludlum fans with the expectation this adaptation is faithful to the book, but it still captures much of the conspiracy and ideas of Ludlum's book.


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