Tuesday, 3 January 2012

03/01/2012: Beastly [2011]

You may wonder, why the hell did I watch this?
1. Neil Patrick Harris
2. It was simply on the T.V.

Warning contains some profanity.

So I guess this was some kinda re-imagining and modernization of the whole Beauty and the Best story. I was just kinda like. Sure he's got tattoos and scars, but what the fuck is with the metal vine in his forehead? You seriously couldn't remove that?  However that guy was a pretty big douche, and a better ending woulda been to keep him ugly.

As for reason #1, NPH was a pretty cool character, he actually wore opaque contacts so he was blind when they were filming.
Another cool thing, was apparently Mary-Kate Olson was the witch, I didn't notice, glad to see her child acting career really went somewhere.

Overall, watch this movie if your a teenage girl.


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