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05/05/2012: The Avengers [2012]

I wish I could say you heard it here first or even second, but by now, everyone you know is probably going to be telling you how awesome The Avengers is. It has been teased at for 5 years now, ever since the first Iron Man, although the concept has been in the comics since the 60's. While this isn't The Avengers first outing to the big screen either it is definitely the one people are going to remember.

I think that everyone knew that The Avengers was going to be big. Marvel has literally teased us with the idea for years. While the little, after credits clips are now used by many filmmakers, (which I hate), Marvel movies were the first to begin using them, but not just to tease us of the sequel, but to tease us about the most epic assembly of superheroes to grace the big screen, and no, I'm not talking about The Justice League. Sorry Christian Bale.

First, I will say that, I never really got into comics. I read a few as a kid, but even by my there was a couple dozen different universes, alternate dimensions, and the biggest tangle of plot lines ever. To top that off, if I ever wanted to start at the first, it would probably have cost me a couple thousand dollars. So while I was familiar with most of Marvels superheroes in passing, I had never learned to much about them. Lets just say, I probably wasn't alone, and when the last decade rolled around, and every superhero to grace the pages was suddenly getting a movie of their own, Marvel set out to make more than a movie, they brought the whole mother fucking Marvel multi-verse!

"We must stop the lumber industry at all costs!"
Now, the biggest problem of have with the gathered superheroes is Thor. I'll be honest, I thought his movie sucked, and I didn't like that a alien Norse god was suddenly thrown in with all the heroes I was proud to know that science created. Yes they already stretched the limits, but it took Thor and his folk to really confuse the world, with the alien universes. So of course, when I learned that Loki was going to be the big baddy and he was bringing along another alien race I wasn't to pleased. But now, lets face it, you could create a earth threatening war  on The Avengers scale without them.

Most of you know that we have Stan Lee to thank for creating all of the characters we love, and don't worry, he gets a great cameo. But for those of us not to familiar with his work, it was all of the previous Marvel films that let us build the characters. I read an interesting article about how The Avengers worked so great because it had already gotten all the back story out of the way. Unlike the other team of superheroes to be brought to life, the X-Men, Marvel had kindly dealt with the problem of setting up all the character by giving them their own movies. Smart. I think everyone was happy with just those to. Iron Man already has two under his belt, and a third in the works. Thor, well, you know what I thought. I was disappointed Edward Norton didn't return as the Hulk, I think he's amazing, but Mark Ruffalo apparently got signed for 6 more movies.  Yes, I think we can definitely expect more from Marvel. I am also disappointed by the fact that, Captain America's WWII days are over, because I liked his movie.

Is that even more sequels? Yes, I would say it is.
I don't want to get into the story of The Avengers to much but lets just say this: Joss Whedon. The man is a master of his writing craft, and at the helm of director, he makes good shit. One of the most surprising factors of The Avengers is that it is actually hilarious. Not in a, it could fall into the comedy genre way, but in a audience laughing constantly at the many one liners and perfect touches. But this isn't really surprising as Joss Whedon is always great with the humour. The only thing I will say is that, as it should be, The Avengers don't mix well, at least not until they have a reason to, which allows things to be the good struggle they should be.

Of course, The Avengers isn't trying to tell us any messages we haven't heard before. We are all there to watch a team of superheroes thrash the bad guys and save the world. They do just that. The battles are epic, the gadgets are cool, the war is destructive and all of the effects match it in epicness.  I chose not to see it in 3D, I've made it clear I'm not a fan, but I don't think The Avengers needed it. Superhero movies are where Hollywood budgets really shine, giving us beautiful CGI, you don't notice, mixed with the right amount of the practical.

Of course a simple American soldier can stand up to a Norse God.
I don't think I really should have to tell you to go see The Avengers in theatres. If you haven't figured it out, it is going to be the biggest movie event for everyone in the last few years. Not just anyone but every movie goer. This was the first movie I'd been to at my small theater where the manager came to talk before the movie, and there was even some small clapping at the end, a first for any theatre I've been to. Of course, the manager also told me that there where 2 clips in the credits, only the seventh person to tell me that. But in case you haven't caught on, there is two clips in the end credits, one at the end, and one just a little in.

So once again, if you need a push to go see The Avengers consider this. I'm sure everyone has seen How I Met Your Mother by know. Well guess what, Cobie Smulders is in it. I just thought it was the most random appearance. Also Lou Ferrigno voices the Hulk. Below I included a picture of the limited edition poster of The Avengers by Tyler Stout, which I fortunately acquired. After seeing The Avengers I'm pleased at the pick up.

The Avengers IMDb

Go see this movie.

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