Sunday, 20 May 2012

Weekly News That Needs a Title

I think I have over 20 bookmarks to websites and blogs dedicated to movies and other forms of entertainment and I open all of them every morning regardless of how many times Firefox warns me that 20 is a lot for it to handle. As I read threw these news feeds I am always coming across little things I wish I could share with everyone, and so I have finally created a weekly news post to deal with all these little things and maybe get you as hyped as I am about the.

This week I give you news on:

The Weekly News

So, as you can see, I haven't been able to come up with a title for this feature yet. Any suggestions are more than welcome. I think I will post it every Sunday morning, and how much news is in it will depend on how many extremely awesome, and not so awesome things I read about during the week. Also of note, aside from the weekly news feature I will be adding a number of other new features to the site. Stay tuned as I unveil them all.

Gangster Squad Trailer

So I typed out the title and then actually went and watched this and wow. As you know I usually avoid trailers and hovered my mouse on the X, while I watched but I don't think this trailer spoiled anything. Gangster Squad is a crime drama I would think very much akin to L.A. Confidential in many aspects. It stars some big names, Sean Penn as well as Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone who are quite the pair these days. I must say, all the actors or great and I love the setting. This will be one movie I will go see in theaters for sure. Unfortunately no release date yet and there is confusion on whether it is "The Gangster Squad" or "Gangster Squad" with the trailer suggesting the latter.
 What do you think? Excited?

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Teaser Poster

Sin City is definitely my favourite piece of Robert Rodriguez' work, and if this maybe official teaser poster suggests that both Rodriguez and Frank Miller are going to return to direct. While news of the sequel is recent, the directors chair has been unannounced as of yet, but hopefully the poster is correct. If so we are in for a treat, and I'm willing to wait. Does anyone know if this is an official poster yet or just a hoax? If you find out let me know or just tell me how excited you are either way.

The "Cabal Cut" of Nightbreed   
As I mentioned in my review of Nightbreed, the movie had received a horrendous number of cuts due to the studio. Clive Barker's original script and vision went sadly unrealized although many could see the potential of the movie regardless. As usual, while Nightbreed didn't go mainstream it did build a very dedicated cult following who, two decades later may have finally gotten the movie they and Clive Barker wanted. The "Cabal Cut" is a recut version of Nightbreed containing new footage discovered on VHS tapes. It will be playing at LA’s New Beverly Cinema on June 10th, hosted by Days of the Dead. While I will have to wait for it to make its way into a wider distribution, if you have the opportunity I would recommend you check it out. Does anyone plan on seeing this? If you do see it let me know if it's any good, or better, or godly.

Youtube Has Movies Not 16 part random uploads either.

Ok, I'm going to be honest. I have no idea how late to the game I am on this. I use youtube regularly and there is a few shows I watch weekly or daily. However, somehow, I have just now discovered that little button between browse and upload called movies. I clicked it and was surprised to see I can now rent movies for a semi-decent price. The selection is actually outstanding as well, feature new releases and still in theatres titles. So if you're like me and just open the bookmark and link to your youtube subscriptions feed, now you know. For the rest of you maybe you can tell me how long this has been around?


So, that concludes the most important pieces of news in the movie world this week. As you know the Cannes film festival is currently running, an I'm sure there will be some good tidbits from that. In the meantime I leave you with this:

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