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28/04/2012: American Reunion [2012]

I went to the theatre the other night and ended up seeing American Reunion. The theatre was almost packed, there was quite a bit of laughter from the audience. What was most interesting however was the age group of the audience. Yes there was a few teenagers here and there, but what surprised me was that the majority of the theatre might have been around 30 or more, which shows that truly, American Reunion was a reunion of sorts.

 American Pie was on all accounts a raunchy teen sex comedy. However, being what it was it was the best at what it was, and while the original two sequels met with varying success, and the later straight-to-dvd sequels didn't fare to well, American Pie, and the whole series is truly the staple in the genre. The first is the most memorable for a reason, it did it best, and so when it came to the reunion, they changed nothing, and yet, the completionists and nostaligics I guess we truly are meant that 13 years later, even if we hadn't watched to many raunchy teen sex comedies since, we would all still return for the reunion, much like we do with our own high school reunions.

Call it distasteful or disgusting all you want, the original American Pie is a piece of cinema history and American Reunion didn't make a single alteration to that formula, as seen by its opening scene. Yes, the gang has matured, but have their problems really changed. American Reunion, is still the same as American Pie as Stiffler is still Stiffler, and I promise you, that character didn't change.

This room brings back some memories.
If you are going to go and see this movie in theatres, the one thing I would recommend is that, if you haven't watched the original American Pie, or possible the trilogy, since lets say 1999, then that might be something you want to do. I for one couldn't really remember who was who, nor get all of the references. I would never recommend anyone simply start with this movie.

However, if you have seen the originals, and perhaps think them your favourite comedies, American Reunion will no doubt please you. As long as your sense of humour hasn't changed. All the classics from American Pie are still here, from tubesocks to Stiffler, from problems in the bedroom to Jim's awkward conversations with his Dad, whose name we finally learn, although I'll be damned if I remember it. Overall the plot is nothing truly original, as the gang bounce from party to problems, to be resolved in the end.

"I think it's time we had the talk" Didn't that happen back in '99?
The big thing about American Reunion is that it is in fact a reunion. I think pretty much every character from the original that had a speaking part shows up in this movie, although there are a few very short cameos. However all of the main characters are back and the cast does great at resuming their roles all these years later. I'm scared to think of the pay raises some of them probably demanded, but that's Hollywood for you.

In the end, anyone who enjoyed the first one, and still enjoys it today, will love American Reunion for the simple fact that it didn't change the formula. Sure, many critics will look back and criticize its lack of class and possibly condemn it for what it is, but it is the best at what it is, the original raunchy teen sex comedy, that for some reason, still drew its fans from 1999. That is an impressive cinematic feat I think few other movies could claim. While I didn't think it was really worth the trip to the theater, it was still enjoyable and something worth seeing if you liked the series.

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