Friday, 30 December 2011

09/12/2011: Pontypool [2008]

So I didn't get around to watching a movie on the 8th, but this one more than made up for it.
Shut Up or Die. The tagline of Pontypool is the only hint towards the dark mystery that is this movie. A psychological thriller Canadian indie director Bruce Mcdonald, bring us a strongly original movie, about the strange events occurring in a small Ontario town on Valentines Day.

The originality in this movie was amazing leaving many questions unanswered and begging for a re-watch, (one it will definitely receive). On top of that the film hits me on two other levels, my love for great movies filmed in one set, and the fact that as a Canadian the town of Pontypool is in fact just hours away.
I give this movie an 9/10, and will be recommending (or more aptly shoving down the throats) of my friends.

Just remeber:
Pontypool Changes Everything.



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