Saturday, 31 December 2011

30/12/2011: Blame It On Rio [1984]

I watch a lot of movies from the 80's, however these are usually horror or well known classics. Blame It On Rio is probably the first romantic comedy I've ever watched from the 80's, the plotline is surprisingly simple and while it still makes sense today, modern rom-coms tend to get a little more complex, which is why this movie can be a fresh break in one of the most repetitive genres.

The movie's cast includes Michael Canine, who is quite funny throughout the film, Demi Moore is the only other actress I recognized although she plays a minor role. One of the highlights of the movie is in fact Rio, with a beautiful setting of a tropical paradise filled with topless beaches, celebration, music, and birds.

Overall the movie is your basic romantic comedy, with Michael Caine giving us quite a few funny lines.
"When getting undressed I sometimes wish that I could leave the room."


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