Friday, 30 December 2011

23/12/2011: The Descent [2005]

I've always gotten this movie confused with The Cave which came out at the same time and has an almost identical story. However I must say that The Descent is in fact superior and was one of the few movies to really scare me in a whole.

The Descent plays heavily on its cave setting, the claustrophobia and darkness setting a very eerie tone and atmosphere. The fact that only small light sources allow glimpses of only one spot at a time, never allowing you to see everything at once is a terrifying way of filming. Because of this sound becomes extremely important and was just as useful in setting the mood.

The Descent is of course a creature feature, and well, the featured creature was quite terrifying, although as usual implausible.

I was not thrilled with the ending, but their is however a sequel which I will watch soon. You can tell the differences in a horror movie made to be a single movie or a series. The Descent was originally made to be a single film, with a nameless terror. The Descent part 2 however gives the creatures a name and rewrites the original ending a bit. Turns out I saw the European version, the american ending is cut differently and a happier one. I think I prefer the European ending although its not conducive to a sequel.

Overall this is an amazing horror movie, and will definitely get some scares.


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