Friday, 30 December 2011

22/12/2011: Super [2010]

Shut Up Crime!

This is the catchphrase of the world newest superhero. When you read the blurb about what Super is about you think, okay another average Joe becomes a superhero, time for a drawn out vigilante dealing with moral issues.

Super is not even close, the Crimson Bolt draws no lines and pulls no punches. pedophile? you get a wrench to the face. .                                                   Cut in line? you still get your skull split open by a wrench.

What starts off as a man inspired by a religious superhero quickly dissolves into a psychopath on one mission. To save his wife from a drug dealer. Soon joined by a sidekick even more deranged than him the movie is over the top madness.

Who could portray such deranged hero's? None other than Dwight Shrute from The Office and Ellen Page as his sidekick. Somehow this movie managed to slip under, well my radar at least, but that is understandable. This is no family friendly movie, as the amount of violence and gore is fitting to the movie.

Even the end where the usual reflection on his moral choices simply mocks the usual. That is why I enjoyed this movie so much, it goes against all norms, breaks all the rules (they never change), and just does it with a very deranged style.

If your looking for something that goes against the norms this is the superhero movie for you.


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