Saturday, 31 December 2011

31/12/2011: Fifty Dead Men Walking [2009]

This film based on a true story is about the remarkable life of Martin McGartland who spied on the IRA for the British in the 80's. The story captures and inspires emotionally the way fictional ones can't mimic. Dealing with a highly controversial and divisive topic, the film allows you to think about both the overlaying political issues as well as the issues of just one man caught in the struggle.

The movie plays out with the twists that can only be seen in a true story. The only flaw of the movie is that it keeps the realism to the point were the thick Irish accents can hamper your understanding of the dialogue, and with a large number of characters it is sometimes hard to keep track.

However if you're looking for a movie with an amazing true story, or just a thriller this movie has both.



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