Friday, 30 December 2011

14/12/2011: Evil Dead [1981]

So I'd heard a lot about this film, mostly referencing it as one of the best zombie movies ever. Of course anyone who had watched the movie will in fact tell you that they were not zombies, instead demons possessing the living/dead.

At first I was not getting into this movie, having to stop 12 minutes in and then 25 minutes in (literally pausing during the first possession), but after I finally sat down to finish it I must say bravo!

A couple of interesting things I noticed while watching is that

1. Ash is definitely the Fastest Gravedigger in the West. and

2. Ash is thrown into every bookcase in the room and pinned underneath during the first two attack scenes.

The gore and blood in this movie doesn't stop once its started making for a gritty campy horror classic. unfortunately this movies budget puts it on the line of being a humorous mockery of the horror genre and trying to be a part of the genre.

In fact most of the original actors left half way through, and many shots were done as simply as the director, San Raimi, and Bruce Campbell mounting a camera on a 2X4 and running down the hall.

Overall this is a classic unintentional masterpiece, and is more interesting the more I read. Unfortunately Bruce Campbell has yet to actually use the chainsaw, but there is always hope in Evil Dead II. (Where I heard the tree rape scene gets repeated).


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