Friday, 30 December 2011

17/12/2011: Evil Dead II [1987]

When I started I wasn't sure if this was a remake or a sequel. My first thought was well they've cut three characters and skipped all the trivialities, about two minutes in the Necromicon is already discovered and the tapes played awakening the demon in the woods, at six minutes in the entire plotline of the first movie is over and summarized.

It is not until about 15 minutes in that the movie finally figures out its on fast forward and begins to resemble anything like a movie. Evil Dead II then proceeds to follow the trail of the original.


However the ending of the movie is the most entertaining part. First off Ash, after sawing off his own possessed hand, fashions himself a substitute out of a chainsaw, along with his sawed-off shotgun, Ash begins to kick some ass, until finally the portal is opened and the demon vanished.

I actually prefer the entrance into 1300 A.D. at the end of Evil Dead II as opposed to the one in Army of Darkness.

Overall, while Evil Dead was better the first time, the reinvention of Ash is superior in the II.


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