Friday, 30 December 2011

28/12/2011: The Burning [1981]

Wow every movie I watched today was titled The _______. Also 2/3 where from 1981, what a year that was for horror. The Burning is a classic slasher movie that helped start the 80's slasher craze. Unfortunately it shares a lot of similarities with Friday the 13th which was released earlier that year, and while it claims to have been written first The Burning can come off as a Ft13 copycat.

As a slasher movie however the movie succeeds, taking a while to build up to the slashing, but this allows for the characters to actually develop, something rarely seen in most slashers. The fact that the characters aren't just obvious meat makes you care what happens. Interestingly this is Jason Alexanders first film (George Costanza), and he's not bald! The movie throws in the necessary scares, creepy camera angles, building music, and random sex that we later come to expect in a slasher movie.

The Burning is a great start to the slasher genre, and while a little over shadowed by Friday the 13th deserves acknowledgment for its roll.


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