Friday, 30 December 2011

16/12/2011: The Trip [2010]

So I usually enjoy a good British comedy, but in order for that to happen the movie has to well, do something. The Trip is the story of two men who travel on a trip through Northern Britain on some kind of food critic tasting trip, and well that about it. There a very subtle moral change in Steve Coogan, but nothing significant.

Stranger still is the leads are in fact acting themselves, or at least characters based on themselves. Rob Brydon is actually quite entertaining as a impressionist. However most of it is in fact improv.

The key to this movie lies in the fact that is was actually also split into a six episodes and air as a T.V. series. If you can and as others seem to suggest that is definitely the way to go in seeing this story unwind.


T.V. Series:

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