Friday, 30 December 2011

11/12/2011: An American Werewolf In London [1981]

Finally went back to the good old 80's horror flicks with the werewolf classic some would argue is the best werewolf movie, with the best transformation.

The werewolf transformation is definitely the most detailed scene I have ever seen, lasting at least over two minutes. (I checked). While I enjoyed the movie I didn't find anything scary in it, and while the gore was apparent it was nothing compared to today's standards.

However AWIL is undoubtedly a classic and definitely one of the finest of the sadly limited werewolf genre. The "sequel" is apparently rubbish in comparison, especially almost 20 years later, but I will be watching it sooner or later.

Also interesting is that I never realized how old Animal House was. Also why does the keyboard have ^,<,>, but no down arrow?


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