Friday, 30 December 2011

19/12/2011: Highlander [1986]

IMDB : An immortal Scottish swordsman must confront the last of his immortal opponent, a murderously brutal barbarian who lusts for the fabled "Prize".

Upon reading this summary the movie sounds a little ridiculous, and I was weary of watching it. However I was pleasantly surprised to find this fantasy movie extremely enjoyable, with a good mix of Braveheart, Sean Connery, the supernatural, and New York city.

Telling the story of both the current fight amongst immortals in New York as well as splicing it scenes telling of Macleod's life of ~450 years, the movie is rich in fantasy, and sword fights.

It is of little surprise that the movie spawned a franchise including several sequels, a couple T.V. series, as well as books and comics. Unfortunately I am disappointed to see how poorly those appear to have gone, with the plotline being rewritten and other movies forgotten. I shall however watch them in hope, and if need be the T.V. series, because this concept appears promising.


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