Friday, 30 December 2011

28/12/2011: The Howling [1981]

The werewolf genre is a sadly lacking one when it comes to movies. The controversy and debate over which ones are good and which are cheesy is an unresolved topic among many. Some claim The Howling is the best it has to offer, reigniting the genre during the 80's. In my opinion The Howling is not the greatest, but by no means the worst or even a failure.
The Howling's plot is well done if not flawless, featuring an entertaining and dark mystery about a colony living in a secluded area of woods. As the mystery unfold a group of reporters are dragged into the colonies secrets and so it goes. The ending however is very good, leaving an interesting question and idea in your mind. The special effects are nothing spectacular in comparison to An American Werewolf in London, but are not bad for 1981.
If you're a fan of the werewolf genre this is definitely a movie to watch, for it may be what you consider the best. Unfortunately I gather its numerous sequels and spin-offs are not great. Personally my favourite werewolf films after In London are the Ginger Snaps trilogy.


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