Friday, 30 December 2011

22/12/2011: Rain Man [1988]

Watched the classic Rain Man this afternoon. It is quite the story, but can be challenging at times. I personally hated Tom Cruises' character, who was pretty much an asshole, and while he did appear to turn around in some aspects by the end, he still wasn't a lovable character, but perhaps I think that he was meant to be so. Dustin Hoffman played his autistic brother but while pitied and lovable also had his annoying moments.

However I think that the fact that these two are able to make us feel all kinds of emotions towards their character show just how good a job they did. The moments where you just can't take Raymond are what make you understand Charles' character and vice versa. You see how Charles just can't understand his brothers condition, while Raymond doesn't understand what he is doing wrong.

Overall this film is quite well acted if it's nothing visually stunning, it is a moving story with a vague message.

Hmmm. I got pretty deep there. Just remember the maple syrup must be on the table before the pancakes.


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