Friday, 30 December 2011

24/12/2011: Die Hard with a Vengeance [1995]

Yippee Ki Yay Mother Fucker!

The catch-phrase of John Mclane, the Die Hard series is one I traditionally watch every Christmas, while however the third one does not occur on Christmas like the first one. Mclane does make a Santa joke so that's close enough. Die Hard 3 is my favourite of the series mixing the awesome action of the original with a great heist plot.

The team of Bruce Will and Samuel L. Jackson makes quite the duo as they race around New York, with Jeremy Irons masterminding a brilliant plan. The movie begins with a bang and doesn't stop, its pace just keeps going, making it one of the best action films.

Interestingly the first script draft became Speed 2: Cruise Control and when drafted was intended to be Lethal Weapon 3. However it makes a great return to the screen by Mclane who didn't show back up until 2007.

This is definitely my favourite of the Die Hard series, and is a must for any action movie junkie.


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