Friday, 30 December 2011

17/12/2011: Army of Darkness [1992]

Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun.

So heralds Ash once again, an even more badass hero, with a chainsaw hand who has travel in time for the third installment of the Evil Dead series, sometimes called The Medieval Dead.

Unlike the others, Army of Darkness has cut out the buckets of gore and left the lonely wooded cabin of the first two films. As seen in the end of Evil Dead II Ash has been tranported back to 1300 A.D., where the army of darkness threatens a castle and kingdom.

A much more comedic film, I found Army of Darkness to be an amazing blend of the Evil Dead hero ash and a good old medieval quest movie. The special effects while cheesy, allow for armies of skeletons and fun twists all along the way. With Ash using such memorable lines as "Gimme some sugar, baby." and "Honey, you got reeeal ugly"

The end scene is also hilarious as Ash chooses to give up his nearly godly status in favour of introducing himself as "Name's Ash, housewares."

Overall Army of Darkness is an amazing movie, and a great comedy, if they haven't kept the blood rolling down the screen.

I think I will definitely be buying this poster the next time I pick some up.

Ok I already bought it.


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