Friday, 30 December 2011

24/12/2011: Priest [2011]

So I had only really heard bad things about Priest, which is sad because Paul Bettany never seems to catch a break. The only other lead role I can remember him in is Legion, and we all know had that went.

However Priest is not as bad as made out to be, but is by no means anything you should set out to see instantly. I enjoy vampire movies and don't mind this type of take on them, but then it got confusing when it mixed in the more traditional type. I'll give it to them that they didn't go as far as to make them sparkle though. As well I do like the apocalyptic wasteland setting of the film, mixed with this kinda western yet Bladerunner futuristic style.

Not the worst movie to come out but not groundbreaking or original, watch it its not to much trouble. Hmm, according to the poster it ws 3D, explains some things.


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